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It’s not hard to find things to do in London that are slightly wacky and off the beaten track, do a quick google and you’re inundated with a limitless variety to satisfy the depths of curiosity. We thought we’d pick the cream of the crop and give you a quick run down of  our favourites

Le Pepit Chef at Dinner Time Story

Always wanted to dine with your own personal tiny chef? Now you can. The Le Pepit Chef experience held at TT Liquor in Shoreditch uses 3D visual technology through ingredients, flavours, sight, sound and taste. It’s a 2-hour dinner time talent, click here for a little taster, or if you don’t want to ruin the surprise, read on…

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If there’s one experience that’s hard to describe in a few sentences, its Gingerline. Their most recent event ‘TV Dinners’. The dining gameshow means that your food is won, delivered and eaten – which requires some team effort! The TV dinners event finishes on 9th January, so get your tickets fast.

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The medieval banquet

Have a big appetite you need to curb? Head to the Medieval Banquet at The Ivory Vaults, complete with homemade market vegetable soup and old-fashioned spice cheesecake. The entertainment will take you on a complete journey of the medieval times where you can dance the night away with knights, jesters, acrobats and dragons. Ready to feast like a knight? Book tickets here:

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ABQ London

ABQ is the worlds first immersive molecular cocktail bar, you can make and infuse your own drink in an RV (motorhome). If you’re a Breaking Bad fanatic, you might know its named after the shock-worthy finale of their second season.

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The Grid

The Grid is the closest you’ll get to a real life Black Mirror episode. It’s a cocktail-infused escape room, where the goal is to defeat an evil startup called ‘Neosight’ by defeating their AI technology.

Experimental chemical techniques are used to create the innovative drinks, so it’s a completely different take on your standard cocktails. They have the RV and the RV Extension for the experience, then a walk-in bar area, ‘Dear Sunny’ espresso martini bar on the mezzanine.

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Cahoots is a 1970s-themed bar where spirits are high and drinks never run dry. The 1970s themed experience is held in a disused train station underneath London’s bustling Soho and was once used as an emergency air raid shelter during the way.

Enjoy brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and late-night cocktails, then dance the night away at their sensational swinging parties. Find out more here:

Secret Cinema

If you haven’t heard of Secret Cinema, then you’ve quite frankly been living under a rock. It’s an evening full of suspense and spectacle, beyond any film-lovers imagination. You can choose how much you want to be involved, but you’re never stuck for choice. Wander around the rooms and gawp at the immaculate eye for detail, or become immersed in an intense storyline. Their next film world is for Dirty Dancing, so we recommend you get practicing that famous ‘lift’ pronto!

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Electronic Theatre

Electronic Theatre aim is to make screen time social again through immersive adventures held in their interactive digital rooms. They feature projection mapping, touch screens and motion tracking technology to deliver a hyper-immersive and interactive team experience.

What’s different about Electronic Theatre compared to other VR experiences is that there’s no need to wear any bulky wearables, players only need to wear visors which are equipped with a small tracker.

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Other World

Other World is set beneath the railway arch in Haggerston. Similar to Electronic theatre, the experience takes part in separate immersive booths, where you have the chance to try the latest VR experiences with friends. Experiences include adventuring through the Wild West, stepping into the world of Rick ‘n’ Morty or slicing some fruit with a trusty katana.

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Roller Nation 

Roller Nation is London’s premier roller skating nightclub. It was formerly held at the Renaissance Rooms in Vauxhall and now has a new home in Tottenham. Expect electrifying light shows, cheesy 80s tunes performed by live DJs and the help of roller skating experts to ramp up your skating skills to the next level.

So dig out those neon colours, get your leg warmers ready and let the good times roll (literally!)

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The Heist

London Dungeons meets surreal nightclub in this noir-themed experience featuring five hidden chambers, weird and wonderful characters and plenty of enticing plot tips to keep you guessing the night away. You’ll meet characters (or creatures!) who you’ll have to interact and party with as you become immersived in the storyline. A soundtrack operated by a live DJ will accompany the experience in some rooms so you can fist pump & boogie your way through the mission

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Bunga Bunga

Named after former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s infamous Bunga Bunga parties, this restaurant puts the fun in forno and the pizzazz in pizza. It’s a bar, pizzeria and live entertainment concept all rolled into one, where you can dance the night away along with live bands, karaoke, entertainers and dancers. A noteworthy mention is also their metre-long pizzas, choose from the “Italian Stallion” to “Julius Cheeser” – you won’t be disappointed!

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