Shout About London Prepares New London Venue on Leake Street by admin on February 14, 2018


Shout About prepares to open new London venue

Progressive creative agency, Shout About London, has announced a partnership with Lost Rivers Brewing Company to launch new venue, Lost Rivers Leake Street.

A first for the London-based agency, who claim to  have long had their sights set on opening a venue, Lost Rivers Leake Street is located just off the South Bank, with its main entrance positioned in the iconic Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel.

A 1,200 capacity venue, set underneath Waterloo station’s arches, it measures 1,200sqm.

Shout About, which specialises in finding and using unique venues for events, have grandiose plans for the newly acquired property.

Offering the venue for exclusive hire during the initial phase of the project, the property will be transformed from its existing ‘blank canvas’ state to a multi-purpose destination venue with onsite bar, restaurant, brewery and three dedicated event spaces.

“We’re looking to help create a space that epitomises everything we love about London; craft beer, great food, cool events and awesome live music. We’ve spent the last four years, educating people on where to go in London, now we’re amalgamating these experiences in to one giant ‘place to be’,” said Shout About co-founder Ben Gamble.

Lost Rivers Brewing Company will construct a fully working brewery on-site, which is planned to become its flagship venue. The intricate brewing area will be an added attraction for the venue, with a clear glass wall allowing full disclosure of the production. In addition, guided tours and tastings will be offered and can be worked into event hire.

“We’ve had these opportunities in the past, but have held off for the right partnership.
Both Shout About and the Lost Rivers Brewing Company are passionate about bringing people together, telling a powerful story and of course, using London as a canvas for creativity. It just works. Plus, we all like a beer as well,” Gamble added.

The venue will open later in 2018.

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