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Something to Shout About

We never like time wasted. There’s still so much for us to see, say and do every day. So on Friday when we had a small window between meetings, as usual, we decided to go and check out a new venue. The only difference is; this time, it came to us.

After crossing Park Lane like a partially sighted Ethan Hawke in Gattaca, our venue had kindly pulled up alongside the road for us.

With a bit of bustling through bundles of tourists trying to peer through the blacked out windows, we climbed aboard, looking back only to mouth the words ‘exclusive’ to the disappointed kids not allowed on.

The Vault London have converted a double decker London bus into luxury travel with a cunning injection of youth and vigour. With disco lighting, a bar and a funky decor, your journey to the event can become part of the party.

So after a quick beer (well you have to don’t you?) and discussion about what the future may hold, Dan (one of the Directors) tells us he’s off to meet MTV. So I casually leave a few business cards ‘accidentally’ on the seat and then we jumped off. Of course not without my free invite to Saturday nights ‘posh bar hopping’, where I can see how it works in real time.

30 hours later.

Sitting in Beaufort House (South Kensington), myself and a few friends are washing away the stench of loss to France in the Rugby, with complimentary drinks and canapés.

Searching round for others with a wrist band, the unique set up of the night offers the perfect conversation starter. You’ll be surprised to hear, when I start talking, sometimes I can’t stop. This bar is awesome by the way: leather seats, great cocktails, music at a reasonable level (yes I’m getting old, it is my 28th birthday celebration after all) and only a slight waft of pretentious old money floating around. I can just about deal with that.

After god only knows how many drinks, my friends and I, along with our new companions spot a fresh group entering. This means one thing, our carriage has arrived. We’re not quite sure when it’s going to head off, so, after literally walking into the girls toilets and finding two of our group, we rush outside (one for the bus and one to get away from the angry Chelsea girls who’s intimate chat I’ve just disrupted.).

The vehicle is already pumping. Straight to the back of the bus, I seemed to have immediately regressed to 15 again, we continue our drinking by the side of the road.

Once full to the brim of about 50 or so passengers, off we go. Tunes pumping, people kissing everywhere and champagne in hand, I think I’m going to wake up any minute on my mums sofa getting told to go and clean my bloody room.

Finally I manage to speak to Dan (who’s been on the bar) and understandably he’s absolutely buzzing. It always makes your night 10 times better when the staff have passion and the banter to match.

It seems he has a small present for me. “Close your eyes, open your mouth” (oh it’s one of this party’s is it?). He proceeds to pour in a shot. Expecting apple sours I feel the sudden burn of Sambuca?
Turning the capsule around with a smile I read the words ‘Absinth Black’.
The rest of the night I’m afraid you’ll have to guess as I’m not quite sure I was there.

So it’s happy birthday to me and a big thanks to Vault London. In an industry always on the look out for that red carpet treatment, this concept will leave your guests feeling like superstars for the night.I imagine it’ll be slightly more corporate when we next meet (Fingers crossed).


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