Reimagining the events industry post-coronavirus by admin on March 17, 2020

In a world of widespread uncertainty,  it’s hard to predict how the event industry will adapt to the current pandemic in the future. We’ll leave those savvy futuristic predictions to The Simpsons…

Numerous clips from The Simpsons have gone viral recently, with fans suggesting the show anticipated the pandemic.

Instead, this current pandemic is an opportunity to see unexpected events like this as not simply enemies to avoid, but opportunities yet to be discovered. The normalities of everyday life have been turned on its head, which brings with it a platform for experimentation as we look to the future of the events industry.

Behaviours of customers towards events have changed hugely even before the crisis, with people becoming more selective about which events they attend, and having increased expectations of them. The crisis is forcing companies to look elsewhere to have dialogue with customers, and many companies have found that multi-channels seems to be a better way at engaging with their customers. That’s not us saying that when the dust settles all events will be confined into the dimensions of a VR headset, but that the impact means that event companies are rethinking their events so that they can be the most valuable to the attendees.

Currently, there’s a big gap in knowledge and expertise that have been tried and tested for running events in non-physical spaces, but unexpected events such as this have accelerated the shift towards more companies adopting these technologies, with many companies such as HTC and Consensus turning to VR as the answer. The technology itself is now advanced enough to be truly immersive (we hate writing that word just as much as you hate reading it) and the technology is nowhere near as gimmicky as it used to be.

On the other hand, besides the obvious health fears brought on by coronavirus, there is another important reason for us to seek alternatives in the event industry. The industry has an extremely negative impact on the environment, and this can be massively reduced, if not eliminated, by the use of virtual reality. Unexpected events such as this forces us to question better alternatives to connect people across the globe.

AltspaceVR Offers Extra Support for Virtual Conferences During Coronavirus Outbreak

Post recovery, when the world has resumed sanity, and toilet roll is no longer a precious commodity, events will continue being at the heart of what brings people together. With that in mind, it’s important we take this time to get creative and develop solutions for inevitable future incidents like the coronavirus crisis so we can keep the events industry booming. We hope this crisis ends swiftly so our friends in the events industry can continue doing what they do best.

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