London’s New Banksy-Inspired Speakeasy by admin on June 20, 2018

Check out Shout About’s newest pop-up bar at our 26 Leake Street Venue!




Lovers of street art, this is for you. In London, a unique bar in the world inspired by Banksy is about to open  ,  where you can admire one of his few works still intact. It’s called Rat Bar and you can find it under  Waterloo station .

For the few who do not know him, Banksy is the well-known English artist and writer, considered one of the  genes of contemporary street art (also known as  guerrilla art) . His works, evanescent like any other graffiti in the world, are focused on ethical, cultural and political issues, and often satirize the contradictions of our times, the manipulation of the media, the homologation, the war, the pollution, the abuses police and animal abuse. And just as they suddenly appear, they just as quickly disappear , erased from atmospheric events and time, covered by other graffiti or whitewashed.

You can watch one live at the Banksy-style bar , which has recently opened under the Waterloo station. It has been renamed “Giant Rat” and will be visible (and photographable) together with other minor street art works; it is to him that we owe the name chosen for the location, precisely the Rat Bar .

You can find her at 26 Leake Street, in a slightly shabby gallery that served as canvas for the artist’s early works, and for this reason known as  Banksy Tunnel . Beer, music and art will merge to create a unique experience ; the cocktail list includes original creations as  El Raton , Black Death we You Dirty, Double Crossing Rat  and regularly find live band to accompany your evening. In addition, there will be art installations , a brewery and even a restaurant since October, along the spaces available on Leake Street.

Do not delay this unique opportunity until you can, however, since the Rat Bar opened its doors on June 16 and will remain in place for the next 3 months only . Then, just like Banksy’s graffiti, it will disappear forever without a trace.

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