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Shout About London are a brand conscious events consultancy, launched in July of 2013. The concept came about during the two Directors prior roles at high end corporate venues. They were constantly being frustrated by the archetypal agency ‘painting by numbers’, offering no real value to the client.

They saw the gap, and just needed to fill it with something that expressed their vision.

We all Shout About what we’re proud of. So, in bringing together the most relevant venues and the most reliable suppliers, Shout About London have managed to procure the most dedicated of clients.

It’s about loving the venues, really knowing the suppliers, and enjoying matching a client’s expectations with what the greatest city in the world has to offer.

What’s next?

Shout About Rome? Shout About Paris?
It’s all there for the taking. You’ll just have to wait and see.

1 year of Shouting About London

Here are 12 categories to represent every month we’ve been promoting the best city in the world:London.

They all have something in common: with clients, friends or family, we’ve experienced them all in the last 12 months – and that’s why we can Shout About them.

In no particular order…


12) Venues we’ve had events (sorry no space to name them all)
1. Museum of London

  • We’ve booked a number of events here and used almost every space in the venue.The garden terrace rooms are still relatively unknown and amazing value for money. There’s also a fantastic team running their events.

The Barbican

  • A lot of people are still unaware that within the confines of the Barbican centre is a huge conservatory for private hire, adorned with over 2,000 species of tropical plants and trees. It’s like something out of Paycheck (it’s a Ben Affleck film, I’m aware you might need to Google that reference!). Anyway, it’s stunning!

The Royal Suite at St. Pancras Renaissance

  • The stairs leading up to this jaw-dropping room is where they shot the Spice Girls Wannabe video. I’d book it just for that.

Chelsea Village

  • All-be-it not the greatest football team in London (let alone the world), it is though,a self-contained haven for extremely effective business events. Hotel rooms, boardrooms over-looking the pitch and ‘under the bridge’ a kind of Mini O2 Indigo,ideal for the evening element. Not surprising we’ve been able to place week-long events here.

Boisdale Canary Wharf

  • Really cool Jazz bar/restaurant with fantastic red wine. Oh god, I love the red wine.

Kensington Roof Gardens

  • One of our favourite venues, one of our favourite sales teams and home to the first of our client Christmas parties for 2014. You feel like your holidaying abroad whatever the weather.

CCT venues – Canary Wharf

  • Only opening in June of 2013 it’s still a fresh and vibrant conference facility. We’ve hosted quite a few events here, due to its state of the art facilities and great views.

The Hospital Club

  • Although I’m not cool enough to feel comfortable around the clientele of this ultratrendy members club, it’s a great place for product launches and so well located. We even utilised the one-way system on the road, as a sort of conduit for the products(bikes) to be cycled around the outside of the venue by the guests.


  • Love this venue. Who knew there was a full size cricket pitch in Old Street by the way.

The Churchill War Rooms

  • Our client – a cyber-security firm – were looking for somewhere to host an on-brand event. Where better than the historic underground complex that housed a British government command centre throughout the Second World War?

The Waldorf Hilton

  • We’ve been wanting to use the enchanting Palm Court since we started our business. We have finally booked a major client in there for September 2014 *power slides*

One Horse Guards

  • The trickiest brief we’ve had to date. To find a balcony over-looking the last stretchof the Tour De France, with live screening facilities and a tight budget.One venues worked wonders for us on this one.


11) Random things we’ve done (and you should too)
1. Get a boat down Camden Lock

  • Grab a few cans from the off-licence, pay your £20 per person, sit back and relax.So long as you have the sun, you really can enjoy the river; as an acoustic musician serenades you and your friends towards Liverpool (don’t worry,they turn back a tad before).

Dans le noir

  • Blind tasting, literally. A pitch black restaurant with surprise menus. If you’re brave enough, make sure you take a look (oh, you know what I mean).

Medieval Banquet

  • As soon as you enter, you’re immersed in the world, as was, in the years of King Henry VIII and his mistress of the time: Anne Boleyn. With stage acts from the period, wenches serving the drinks, lots of banging on tables and all set within a back drop of Tower Hill’s stunning Ivory Vaults. Plus, they give you stuff to dress up in – whoop!

Punch Drunk

  • As theatre productions go, this is certainly one of the quirkiest. You follow the actors around, can be separated from your party and quite often, surrounded by people wearing masks, including yourself. Not quite taking part in Eyes Wide Shut, but the next best thing I guess.


  • A Gin Boat in Hackney, £19.50 all you can drink. Erm… yes!


  • A ping pong bar. And no, before you say it, not like the ones in Thailand. Beer and healthy competition, gotta love it.

Vertical Chill

  • For £35-£50 per hour you can learn to climb on an indoor ice wall. No really! A stone’s throw from Covent Garden, you probably didn’t even know it existed.

Hip Hop Karaoke

  • A world famous night out in legendary bar: the Social.

Roundhouse beach

  • No sea side in London? For a few months a year the Camden Roundhouse brings the beach to us. Cracking day out.

Granary Square

  • A place to take the kids and watch over 1,000 (yep you read that right) 1,000choreographed fountains, spectacularly lit up during the evening.

Vestal Voyages

  • Setting off from the above, Granary Square (although this is probably not one for the kids) down Regents Canal. ‘Pop-up Vodka drinking experience’ possibly the greatest four, *coughs* or five, words you heard this summer.


10) Music Venues we’ve been to
1. The Grafton NW5

  • An achingly cool acoustic night, run on a Tuesday evening by the Maida Vales Paul Littler.

Eventium Apollo Hammersmith

  • I had the pleasure of seeing the Sugar Man himself. (A very old) Sixto Rodriguez.

606 Club – South Ken

  • If you like Jazz, this little gem is described by Jamie Cullum as “London’s best music venue”. Great food, an incredible array of musicians and a wonderfully intimate atmosphere.

The Gallery – WH

  • Owned by the team behind the Alice House, this bar makes its mark with a cosy wooden aesthetic, often a cracking 60’s music playlist and great acoustic acts on a Sunday. Had some very heavy nights in here.

Sebright Arms

  • We had the pleasure of seeing our friends from up and coming Irish band, Raglans, here a few months ago. A grungy venue loaded with talent, tattoos and beards.

Wiltons Music Hall

  • The world’s oldest surviving music hall. Music, film and theatre. A simple must for the Londoner’s Londoner. (Note to self: don’t ever use that phrase again.)

Proud Camden

  • A lot of people give this place stick, as it’s been around a long time and is an easy target. Well, I still love it. Decadent, dark, dingy and very, very Camden. We’ve seen tonnes of bands in here and will see many more I’m sure.

The Old Queens Head – Camden

  • Managed to get down for Mike Skinners DJ set (not quite the Streets, but nothing is.) I’ve seen a few acts in here now and even played myself. A great night out.

Ronnie Scott’s – Shaftsbury Avenue

  • A bit obvious, but as an institution we’ve frequented a few times this year it deserves a mention. If you haven’t been here, you simply must tick it off your list.

The 02

  • The most obvious one on the list. It’s only on here because I went to see Frank Turner sell it out. It was incredible. I’ve seen tonnes of artists here and he was as good as any of them.


9) Private hire venues with a difference
1. Aveqia

  • A Swedish concept ‘Active cooking’ has come to London after ten years thriving in Stockholm. Anxious to distance itself from being mistaken for a cooking school.This is a networking event in a relaxed environment where the focal point is the food. After all, “The art of networking is not working”.

Temple Bar

  • Everyone will have seen this venue, as it’s directly opposite St. Pauls Cathedral.However, not many will know you can hire it out for a private dinner for up to 12 guests. If you like to show off with something a little different,you should check this out.


  • If you’re looking for somewhere different in the West End, this certainly fits the bill.You could eat five times in one week here and the only thing that remains the same is the quality of the food. Every room is unique, you can keep going and it still feels new every time.

The Crypt

  • Run by our friends at the Bleeding Heart (a fantastic restaurant by Farringdon/Chancery Lane) the Crypt hosted Henry VIII’s three day wedding feast in 1531. For a man where food and wine was everything, (apart for women and burning the odd heretic obviously) I think that’s a ringing endorsement for any private dinner or drinks reception.

Vault London

  • A good friend of ours brought this party on wheels to show us last year. We’ve been hooked ever since. A double decker party bus with a bar, DJ and lighting. If only travelling to work was this fun for all of us.

Hoxton Hotel

  • A ‘no rip-off’ policy (cans of coke at 50p for instance) this is Shoreditch in a building.Unique rooms, really cool staff and an event space as quirky as it gets. Certainly one of our favourite Hotels in its price range and above. They also recently launch the Hox in Holborn, which gives the area a much needed livener.

Earlham Street Clubhouse

  • Three amazing things about this venue:
    You can serve your own beer from a petrol pump
    You can serve your own beer from a petrol pump.
    You can serve your own beer from a petrol pump.
    All good points. Oh and their pizzas, you have to try the pizzas.

Level 39

  • Europe’s largest technology accelerator space for finance, retail and future cities technology companies. There’s a lot of words in that sentence but basically it can be a private hire space for the technologically advanced. Did I mention you can make a latte from an iPad?

London Fields Brewery

  • A fantastic new venue set in the heart of Hackney East London. It operates out of two large railway arches, with an outdoor courtyard joining the two areas. They brew their own beer and have an awesome sound -proofed space with a stage and sound system. Repeat: they brew their own beer.


8) Annoying events phrases
1. I’ve got three hats on today

  • No you haven’t. You haven’t got any hats on. You’re a liar, don’t ever talk to me again

Perfect venue for all occasions

  • Perfect for ALL occasions is it. Really? Perfect? We find it hard to find one venue perfect for ANY occasion, there is always a sacrifice, always. So how can you be perfect for all occasions and why does any other venue get any business then? *Shoots PR team*

I’ve just been working such long hours

  • So how come every time I phone you after 17:00 there’s no-one in the office?

Getting Canapé and Canopy mixed up

  • That only annoys me because I still do it. ALL THE TIME. *shelters under a prawn*

Venue finders are dead, it’s all on line now

  • Can you tell how good a restaurants food is by looking at pictures? No! So how can you tell whether a venue’s right for a client from the comfort of your living room? You can’t can you? No. So why don’t you go upstairs, take a shower, get dressed and get yourself down there before you book 200 CEOs into a stationary cupboard just because it’s off Oxford Street. (Unless it’s a big cupboard and the event is for Ryman’s. Then well done for thinking outside the box.) I’ll get my coat.

You can’t get business from cold calling

  • Nope you’re right. We get all ours by photosynthesis. It’s a real bugger in the winter but in the summer we literally sweat clients. It’s all champagne and golf in this industry.

I won’t network with other venues, what’s the point? I’m far too busy (and important) for that.

  • What if you need to recruit more staff one day?
  • What if they move on and become an events manager for Google or Coca Cola one day?
  • What if you can swap leads when you don’t have availability? That will help you and the clients out.
  • What if you want to move on one day and you need a ‘foot in the door’?
  • What about sharing industry knowledge and enhancing what you’re doing in your venue?
  • What about….?
    Actually, nope you’re right. It’s absolutely pointless. What were we thinking?

Social media? It’s pointless. I haven’t got time to waste on such frivolous pursuits.

  • Frivolous – good word.


7) Sporting activities we’ve enjoyed
1. Go Ape

  • About ten minutes from Cockfosters, this is a really cool team- building activity set in the trees.Alternatively, you can go with the family and watch your two little brothers take all the hard routes, whilst you cower against the bark like you’re tied to the trunk trying to save the rain forest. That happened to a friend of mine by the way. Not me.

Top Golf

  • If you don’t like the idea of walking 18 holes, this is a really cool alternative. Think ‘driving range’ with things to aim at. With mixed distances it’s good for all standards and great for the whole family.

Urban Golf

  • A great place for a meeting if you don’t have time to do a whole round. A simulated screen is not as satisfying as hitting a 3 iron straight down the fairway. However; beer and food whilst you play kind of makes up for it. Plus you can still be comfortable if it rains.

Battersea Park Football

  • I’ve just started playing a game once a week in Battersea Park. Anyone can turn up and play and it’s been going for almost 20 years. Just thought it deserved a mention really.

The FA Cup Final

  • I managed to witness Arsenal’s FA Cup triumph at Wembley this year. What a spectacular occasion in one of the world’s finest sporting arenas. I’m not sure if I managed to get my point across there, sorry. Arsenal. Won. The. FA Cup.

Bumper cars, pool and table tennis at Namco

  • Does this count as a sporting venue? Not sure, but every time we’re here I leave sweating. That counts as a sport to me.

Silverstone Grand Prix

  • We provide VIP tickets for these type of events and sometimes even get to go along ourselves. Aren’t we lucky…


6) Public speakers / presenters we’ve seen
1. Jordan Belfort

  • Subject of the movie ‘Wolf of Wall Street’. This man knows how to hold a room.And he swears more than I do, so thank you Jordan, I salute you.

Will Broome

  • We love him – so there….

Jonathon McDonald

  • A very interesting talk on the ‘thought expansion network’ – very highly recommended.

Katie Riley

  • We saw Katie (from Sky Sports) at an event last year and quickly snapped her up to help out at our launch parties in July and September.

Kanya King

  • The founder of the mobo’s, talking at Confex this year, inspiring.

Stephen Frost, Andy Smart, Steve Steen and Ian Coppinger

  • The English version of whose line is it anyway. And what a line up they were.


5) Networking events we’ve been to
1. Kensington Roof Gardens

  • 07th August. A date that sticks in our mind, as it’s when we opened the Shout About offices for the first time. To celebrate, we went to see our friends at the Roof Gardens during their summer showcase. Note to self: drink less at these things.

Event 100 Club

  • The event professionals Christmas party at Battersea Evolution. Here are four words that will make you feel like you have a truck driving through your head for a week: Free – Jaeger – Bomb – bar…

25th Anniversary of Universal Experience at the HAC

  • We had fantastic weather for it, a great funfair of activities, BBQ food and cocktails.They’ve been throwing parties for a quarter of a century, no wonder it was a good one.

Cool venue awards at Ministry of sound

  • Put together by the guys from Prestige events, the cool venue awards is one of the hottest ‘event events’ of the year. We sponsored ‘coolest new venue’ won by the Shard. What a night.

East Winter Gardens – Whose line is it anyway?

  • It really was utterly fantastic. It’s really helpful to see venues in use to get a feel for the acoustics and what a client can experience on the night. Faultless.



4) Cool Nights out
1. Cabaret at Café de Paris (Leicester Square)

  • This is about 100 year old now. Age never bothered me. Still a really cool place to go.

Gordon’s Wine bar (Charing Cross)

  • The oldest wine bar in London. As you enter, you find yourself in a room with old wooden walls, covered in historical newspaper cuttings and memorabilia faded with age. Make your way to the cellar and you need to stoop to get to your rickety candlelit table – anonymity is guaranteed! If the sun is out you can also sit outside in Watergate walk and enjoy watching the world go by.

The Players Bar (Charing Cross)

  • This ‘hidden gem’ venue has everything you need for an unforgettable experience under one roof. The theatre, a former Victorian music hall, offers an eclectic mix of drama, musicals, comedy, cabaret and even some late night shows. Then rub shoulders with the stars over a pint and a piano.

London Wonder Ground (South Bank)

  • A packed programme of circus, cabaret and family entertainment. Revolving bar, 1920’s décor, buzzing atmosphere and open to the elements. Been here too many times this summer already…

3) TV programmes that sum up our brand
1. The office (UK)

  • Sarcasm and dry humour. It’s what gets us through the day (and helps us ignore number 8 on this list).


  • Suave, sophisticated, wealthy and intelligent.
    Trying to think how I can justify any of them against myself actually

The Apprentice

  • Everything’s a competition. Everything


2) Launch Events
Venue only launch

  • We took over DSTRKT nightclub for our Launch Party, with the help of some of our awesome suppliers. We engaged on social media by having our guests RSVP via Twitter and created a massive buzz. We certainly haven’t seen this done before and it worked well for us. It was a fantastic night that you can catch snippets of by checking out #ShoutAboutLaunch on Twitter

Clients launch

  • DSTRKT will be re-opened its doors at the end of August after a renovation. Our September client event was one of the first (if not the first) corporate event in the new venue. Another big night, that solidified our place as an brand experience agency to watch.


1) Shout About London


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